GDPR Compliance


Arnold Analytics is fully committed to protecting the privacy of your visitors. We have developed our product and solutions using ‘privacy by design’ and ‘privacy by default’ principles.

Consent Collection

Arnold Analytics tags your visitor with a pseudononimous identifier based on their IP address and the visited hostname (domain name). Arnold Analytics will not and can not track your visitors across multiple host names.

If your visitor has the Do Not Track Header enabled or ECMAScript (JavaScript) disabled, Arnold Analytics will not collect and process the source of their visit. Both can, in most browsers, be found under “Preferences” / “Settings” > “Privacy” / “Privacy & Security”.

Data Processing Agreement

If you are in the European Union you will likely want to sign a Data Processing Agreement with Arnold Analytics. In which case you need to send a request at

Right to access / Right to portability

Arnold Analytics allows their customer to export their data. This can be done in the online management interface under “Account”.

Right to Erasure / Opt-out

Arnold Analytics only stores visitor data for the period specified in the online management interface. Do to client side encryption, Arnold Analytics can not recover any data used by our customers. Opting out can be done by enabling the Do Not Track header.

Notification in the event of a Data Breach

We will notify our customers within 48 hours of the discovery of a data breach and also work with our customers to inform Data Subjects of the breach.

Contact Information

Any questions/requests can be directed at